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Who are we?

Our aim is to manufacture high-quality dermatological creams that are good for your skin. The natural ingredients of Iconic Elements skin care products are formulated by dermatologist Dr. F.P.K.Wu. In collaboration with enthusiastic dermatologists and skin therapists, they share their skincare knowledge and real-life experiences. As a result, the cream is characterized by its high efficacy and safety.

√ Scientifically proven
√ Properties of the skin
√ Safety first
√ Continuous development

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Which product is suitable for me?

There are various skin products and what should I choose? We provide product advice based on general and more specific questions. Take this quiz to find out what your skin needs.

Creme Op De Hand


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Calming cream is great. Tried and lubricated everything to calm the irritated skin. After 1x usage it was gone. It really is the best cream I have ever tried.
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Very satisfied with the IE products. I am very happy that my skin reacts well to it and that the products do not contain certain ingredients and that it is environmentally friendly!
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Thank you for recommending Iconic Elements products. My skin has improved enormously and is really significantly better hydrated. Also much less suffering from dryness lines. Good tip!
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I have been using Targeted Pigment Serum for two weeks now. The pigment spots have already decreased by 50%. Had a pigment spot on my nose for five years and is gone now. Skin pores have become less coarse and more even. Product is great. Would recommend this product to anyone.
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Our 7-year-old daughter has suffered from extremely dry skin for years. We took her to a dermatologist and she prescribed her creams, none of which really helped. She then advised us to buy your sensitive cream. We have already ordered your product several times and it is the only cream that really helps. We are very happy with this, because if we didn't have the cream and didn't apply it, our daughter would have scratched her legs until it bled.
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With the Calming cream I got my skin calm, I even stopped using hormone ointment.
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