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Welcome to our dermatologist-founded skincare brand, where expertise meets your skincare needs; learn more about us and our commitment to healthy skin.
And are you aware of what you put on your body?
Then the vegan products from Iconic Elements developed without animal testing are definitely something for you!

‘My ideal cream had to be safe to use and needed to have a high efficacy on the skin. In addition, it had to be suitable for both healthy skin and patients with skin problems.’ – dermatologist Francis Wu

Dr. Francis Wu has been practicing dermatology since 2004, in which he received his doctorate. He is the main founder of the skin care line Iconic Elements, in which he has incorporated his own vision from his knowledge and science.

Holistic approach to skin care

I have been a medical specialist since 2008 and I am increasingly realizing that the skin is part of a larger whole. What you do, eat and lubricate can have an effect on your skin. Moreover, everyone is different. You have different wishes to treat or improve your skin than your partner, brother or sister.

That is why I opt for a holistic approach. I combine cosmeceutical skincare ingredients, nutrition and supplements. This is an alternative take on how to treat and condition your skin.

What is Cosmeceutical Skin Care?

Cosmeceutical skin care products are formulated based on selected active ingredients that improve your skin.

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How it started

In my practice I treat people with all kinds of skin conditions, ranging from acne and eczema to skin cancer. Here I see the daily challenges they face if they want to keep their skin in healthy condition.

This gave rise to the idea of developing a good cream for them,

  • helps to recover faster after treatment;
  • take good care of your skin.

I decided to investigate the effect of natural ingredients and antioxidants. In collaboration with a pharmacist, I then developed a sample to use in a skin-care trial. The response of the participating patients was above expectations. They really felt helped with this cream!

With the idea that good maintenance (prevention) is even better than treatment, I decided to look into this further.

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Solving skin problems versus maintaining the skin properly

In my training as a dermatologist, the focus was mainly on the ‘diseased’ skin. There was much less attention for keeping healthy skin in balance and for the effect of cosmetic ingredients. On the other side of the spectrum are many cosmetic companies. They have in-house chemists who develop the products. They know everything about the substances they use, but have much less knowledge about their effects on the skin. I decided to combine the best of these worlds.

Knowledge from different fields

During my PhD research into different types of cancers in relation to wound healing, I gained a lot of immunological knowledge. In particular, the insights into communication between cells in wound healing proved invaluable in my search. I also studied the effect of cosmeceutical ingredients; this turned out to be a great enrichment of my dermatological and immunological knowledge!

I became more and more enthusiastic about my holistic approach and that did not go unnoticed. In recent years I have been invited more and more often to speak about cosmeceutical skin care at national and international conferences.

Important, because this way I can share my insights with colleagues who in turn can help patients! I was guest speaker at:

  • Huyd congres
  • Beauty Trade
  • NVC (Nederlandse Vereniging Cosmetische Dermatologie)
  • DALA (Dutch Aesthetic Laser Association)
  • ICAD (International Congress of Aesthetic Dermatology)
  • Clinique Masterclass Bijenkorf Amsterdam

Ongoing research and development

My search led me to ingredients and compositions with proven results. I continued to develop the first cream and regularly wrote the prescription to patients. These users and my family urged me to make the cream available to everyone. That’s why I finally decided to launch the Iconic Elements line together with my brother, Paul Wu.

Collaboration & composition

Iconic Elements has since been further refined, partly thanks to the collaboration with enthusiastic dermatologists and skin therapists. Because we continuously exchange practical experiences, we can continue to develop Iconic Elements according to the latest scientific insights.

The entire care line focuses on the effect, pH values and skin friendliness. All active ingredients are proven to work and support the acid mantle of the skin.

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Clean Beauty

Iconic Elements fits completely within the vision of Clean Beauty. We work with sustainably selected ingredients that have a good skin function. This way your skin is improved and protected, without harmful consequences occurring within your body.

What we are proud of:

  • Iconic Elements is the first broad skincare line in the Netherlands that was developed by a dermatologist.
  • Formulated with dermatologists and in collaboration with skin therapists.
  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • No TOP 50 allergens.
  • This line has a pH value of 5. The ideal acidity of the skin, it ensures natural skin resistance and recovery of your skin.
  • High product shelf life due to the airless dispenser.
  • Made in the Netherlands and meets the strict EU guidelines.
  • Used by a wide range of patients with demanding skin.
  • The packaging does not contain BPA, BADGE, BPAF, BDFGE or BFS chemicals.
  • Iconic Elements is cruelty-free and vegan (contains no honey, lanolin, carmine, beeswax, silk or keratin).

Iconic Elements ingredients are completely plastic free, no microplastics in products. We proudly bear the ZEROPLASTIC INSIDE quality mark

I am delighted to announce that Iconic Elements has been awarded the title of “The Best Holistic Skin Care Line” in 2022. This recognition underlines our commitment to developing natural and effective products that not only care for the skin, but also contribute to the well-being of people as a whole. We are extremely proud of this achievement and will continue to work to provide our customers with the highest quality skin care.

About Us Holistic Skincare Line Netherlands Benelux Enterprise Award 2022

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Dr. Francis Wu, Integrative Dermatologist
Huidadvies Door Francis Wu


Founder SKN2

Cosmetic skin care and treatment in the broadest sense



Board member

Commissie Nederlandse Vereniging Cosmetische Dermatologie



Founded Iconic Elements

Skin care line formulated by a dermatologist



Guest lecturer Haagse Hoge School

With dermatological knowledge from practice.



Founded Shape Aesthetics

Cosmetic dermatological anti-aging consultation & treatment




Dermicis, Haarlem en Dermatologisch centrum Amstel en Vechtstreek



PhD & training in dermatology

Immunological and cellular changes after surgery in cancer patients



Ph.D. researcher & training in surgery

Department of Surgery (AIO) in the Vrije Universiteit MC Amsterdam



Research brain tumor in children

‘The Biochemical Pharmacology of Bullatacin – a newly developed antitumor compound’ in Kansas City, Missouri, USA



Medicine, VUMC Amsterdam

“As a medical specialist since 2008, I increasingly realize that the skin is not a separate part of the body, but an even larger whole. What you do, eat and apply can have an effect on your skin. In addition, every patient is different and they have different wishes to treat or improve the skin. Integrative dermatologist is an approach in which I, as a medical specialist, also combine cosmetic, skin care ingredients and nutrition / supplements. It is a different way of treating the skin better and keeping it in condition.”

BIG registration number: 89049965601

Drs. Paul Wu

“We have high-quality products that are manufactured by specialists, which requires a good organization. I prefer to focus on the latter: business matters, from production to logistics. Because things can always be done faster and better, I strive for continuous improvement of our products and our service.”

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