Beauty is different for everyone – survey of 1,000 women

The definition of beauty is subjective and different for everyone. The well-known saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Beauty is determined culturally and by the person who beholds it. In addition, the beauty industry, social media influencers and advertisements also have strong influences on our view of beauty. French researchers were curious about how women think about beauty and which means they seized to combat skin aging. Means such as injectables (botulinum toxin, fillers), lasers and skin care were also included in the study. A total of 1000 women participated in the study and their ages ranged from 25-70 years.

Beauty results of the study


Some interesting insights emerge from the answers to the questionnaire. It turns out that beauty is defined by the appearance of self-confidence, attractiveness and natural appearance. 68% find it important to hydrate the face and body with a moisturizer. A visit to a hairdresser in 60% of women. 58% consciously drink a lot of water and protect the skin from the sun. Sufficient sleep is important for 50% of women and 47% for regular exercise and the use of anti-aging products for the skin.

Concerns about signs of aging of the face by age group: 25-30 years old had dark eye circles, 35-44 years old tired appearance, 45-59 years old wrinkles and 60-70 year olds found sagging skin in the neck region most annoying. Women consider themselves most beautiful around the age of 35.

About 50% consider undergoing cosmetic treatment and only 10% take the step to undergo injectable treatment or use anti-aging cream. What determined the step to actually undergo cosmetic treatment were information about safety, cost and efficacy. Confidence in the practitioner and how the aftercare of the treatment is arranged also emerged.

This is one of the few studies that gives us insight into the factors that influence the choice of skin care treatments for women. More about the science of skincare according to your age


Ehlinger-Martin A, Cohen-Letessier A, Taïeb M, Azoulay E, du Crest D. Women’s attitudes to beauty, aging, and the place of cosmetic procedures: insights from the QUEST Observatory. J Cosmet Dermatol. 2016 Mar;15(1):89-94.

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Dr. Francis Wu

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