Cherry spots – are blood red globular benign swellings.

Cherry spots, also called angioma seniles. They are common harmless skin symptoms. They can be seen as early as a teenager and increase in number with age. Almost all people over the age of 60 have one or more cherry spots on their body.

Cherry spots

Cherry spots can be anywhere on the body except in the mucous membranes. The spherical and blood-red spots vary from 1 mm to 1 cm in size and are locally dilated blood vessels (venules). The cause of the appearance and dilation of the blood vessels is not known.

Cherry Spots, Angioma Senilis
Both Are Cherry Spots

Cherry Warts Angioma SeniliesMultiple cherry warts on the stomach

Frequently asked questions:

Is it contagious? No, they are not contagious. They are blood vessels and are not caused by infection.

Can these spots become malignant? Cherry warts are harmless and are not pre-malignant or malignant.

Can you prevent it? There are no preventive matters or lifestyle guidelines to prevent these innocent blood vessels from appearing and getting bigger.


Cherry warts are harmless and do not require treatment. There are several treatment options for cosmetic reasons. You can have it burned away, also called electrocoagulation. A larger spot can be removed with a punch biopsy or a tight excision. This can leave a small scar. A better option are vascular lasers, examples are the: Nd:YAG long pulsed laser, V-beam pulsed dye laser or a KTP laser.

Aftercare treatment

No sun or tanning for at least 6 weeks.

After 1-2 days it can get wet, that is, take a short shower and not too hot. As long as scabs are present, do not swim or sauna. After showering, pat the treated areas dry and do not rub.

Don’t try to scratch off the scabs if it itches. A cooling skin care cream can sometimes help to reduce itching and make scabs disappear faster. For example, use the Calming cream to soothe the itch or against skin irritations and crust reduction.

Aftercare Cherry Spots Treatment Calming Cream

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Dr. Francis Wu

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