Difference between Rosacea and Couperosis

Couperosis and rosacea are conditions that may be linked. Couperosis is the presence of little dilated red and blue bloodvessels in the face. Mainly on the cheeks and develops gradually after the age of 30.

We also see these symptoms with rosacea, but there may also be other symptoms such as red bumps, pus and swelling. Burning, red and dry eyes can sometimes occur with rosacea. Sometimes, grain of sand sensation in the eyes is also mentioned by patients. All these other symptoms are not present in couperosis. Rosacea can be treated in different ways. A mild variant can be treated with topical agents, more extensive rosacea with oral antibiotics (doxycycline or minocin) or Isotretinoin. More about rosacea and what you can do.


Couperosis can be treated with vascular lasers. Examples of vascular lasers are: Pulsed Dye laser (V beam), KTP laser and Neodynium YAG laser. On average, 3 to 4 treatments are required at intervals of 2 months.

Other options are creams such as anti-redness creams – these contain a green pigment that reduces the redness. Mirvaso gel is on doctor’s prescription (not reimbursed – costs about 50 euros), this gel causes narrowing of blood vessels, which reduces the blood supply to the face and therefore also reduces the redness in the face.

And finally camouflage therapy is by a skin therapist to camouflage the blood vessels.

Couperosis Vs Rosacea

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Clown eczema, medical term for this is Perioral Dermatitis. This literally means red bumps around the mouth. A variant around the eyes is called Dermatitis Periorbitalis. This condition is most common in women between the ages of 16 and 45. But children between the ages of 7 months and 13 years are not spared either. This form of eczema is rare in men. This condition occurs on the face and is often confused with rosacea. More about dermatitis perioralis


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