Duct tape against stubborn plantar warts

We all know it. The iconic gray duct tape: oil and water resistant and always handy for minor and major procedures. Ever since the first spaceflights, NASA astronauts have carried the tape on board to make emergency repairs. But you may have heard that you can also treat plantar warts with the gray tape! Fact or fiction?

Does this work?

People with stubborn warts that do not respond to the usual methods such as liquid nitrogen and anti-wart tincture. People with spreading plantar warts despite conventional treatments. And not unimportant, if the pain after a liquid nitrogen treatment becomes too much.

How exactly does this work?

You can easily get the tape from a DIY store near you. Clean your foot with water in the evening just before going to sleep. Then cover the verruca with a piece of duct tape that is slightly larger than the wart itself. Then leave the tape on for 6 days. When you take it off, you will make the wart look soft and white. That is completely normal.
Remove the upper horn layer as much as possible with fine sandpaper or with a disposable nail file. If it becomes sensitive, stop and let the skin rest for a day without taping it. The next night, repeat the entire process again until the wart disappears.

If you exercise, sweat or the tape gets dirty within 6 days, you can simply replace the tape in the meantime.

How does duct tape work?

It is not really clear. It probably has something to do with the combination of the local irritation of the glue, the humidity, and the heat, which makes your own immune system better recognize and deal with the wart virus.

How long does the duct tape treatment take?

Duct Tape Warts That

Duct tape works better on children than on adults. The chance of success is around 70 to 80% after a treatment of 4 to 6 weeks. The big advantages are that it is painless, it hardly requires any effort and you are not left with scars. Be aware if the taped area starts to look red or start to itch. That is a sign that your body reacts hypersensitively to the tape. You temporarily stop the treatment.

In 2013, Dr. Francis P.K. Wu published a free children’s book about warts under the pseudonym F.Pique. During his consultation hours he saw many children with stubborn verrucas. Since most of them looked anxiously at the cryotherapy container on the corner of the table, he decided to diminish that fear. His first opening line was standard “I won’t hurt you.” This ebook has been compiled to give children and parents extra insight into warts and how to treat them.

Grafisch ontwerper: René de Haan: http://www.renedehaan.net/visio/illustratie/80/http://www.renedehaan.net/visio/illustratie/80/

The children’s book ‘Warts that’ can only be downloaded for free on the iBook apple store.

Now that you’re here

The real term for Maskne is acne mechanica, local outbreak of rash due to local friction, pressure and stretching of the skin. A condition described mainly in athletes (tight clothing, forehead sweatbands, helmets, hockey/wrestlers face and head protection) and work related (back rubbing in truck, bus drivers).

Wearing a mouth mask to prevent the coronavirus makes sense, but there is an unexpected additional skin condition: Mascne. Pimples caused by wearing a mouth mask for a long time.

One of the reasons why we can get Mascne is because the skin causes much more friction than usual through the mouth mask. The chronic friction disrupts your skin barrier, the protective skin oils and fats are absorbed by the mask. In combination with a humid environment as a result of respiration, they provide an environment in which bacteria and yeasts can grow more.

Recent research showed that longer wearing (more than 4 hours a day) of mouth masks and reuse increased the risk.

More about Maskne

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