Eczema lips

Eczema of the lips can be divided into two different groups. You have one contact allergic group and the other is irritative eczema. An example of irritative eczema is, for example, by unconsciously licking your lips.

Contact allergic lip eczema

In patients with known eczema from 4-6 years and in patients without eczema often >40 years. Complaints are a burning sensation, in addition itching. How do you recognize it: This can give a varying skin picture with one of the following complaints on the lips: flaking, chapped lips, eczema corners of the mouth (perleche). Can only sit on the lips. But other indications are also around eyes, neck or folds. Cause: is contact allergy. Often based on lipstick, lip balm, toothpaste, mouthwash. Treatment is difficult, especially if you don’t know the cause. Does not respond well to therapy.

Irritative eczema

Can occur at all ages and there is not always an atopy (predisposition: asthma, hay fever, eczema) to the development of eczema. It can be recognized by dry, red, pink skin accompanied by itchy symptoms. Coarsening of the skin lines, sometimes with fissures. Transitional lip redness and skin of the upper and lower lips are also affected. This is caused by wetting the lips a lot with the tongue. Salivary proteins irritate the skin and lips. Get rid of the habit of lip licking. The eczema is a result of lip licking. Sometimes lip balm with a scent or flavor can be a trigger, making you lick your lips more often. Also called lip lick dermatitis

Read more about lip balm preferably unscented, no menthol or pungent substances or mineral oils. Good are ingredients such as ceramide, shea butter, sunflower oil (which is suitable for the skin), jojoba oil, hemp seed oil.

While you are here

There are also several forms of hand eczema. Depending on the stage in which the eczema is located, you will get different types of complaints from hand eczema.

  • Mild eczema may show bumps and redness, often on the backs of the hands or fingers that itch strongly;
  • In a severe acute form, the skin is often swollen and blisters develop. The eczema is then weeping, because the blisters burst open. When the blisters dry into crusts, the skin flakes (peels) and the redness decreases;
  • With chronic hand eczema, the skin eventually becomes dry and flaky, skin lines can become coarser and the skin can thicken, which can cause painful fissures.

More aboutdifferent forms of hand eczema


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