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Face cleansing men

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Face cleansing for men? If you want to take good care of your skin as a man, facial cleansing is very important. Facial cleansing is an important part of a good (natural) skin care routine.

On this page about facial cleansing for men, we go into detail about

Facial cleansing for men in figures

  • 33% of men do not wash their face daily.
  • Of the men who wash their face, 63% do not use a facial cleanser.
  • 32% of men use a soap bar to wash their face.

Facial care for men, 3 steps in seconds!

1. Exfoliate your skin with a mild natural (without microplastics) skin scrub 1-2 x a week to remove dead skin cells. (duration 30 seconds)

2. Use a mild skin cleanser for the face and cleanse the skin twice a day. (Duration 30 seconds at a time)

3. Moisturize your face (Duration 20 seconds)

Long-term benefit, fresher, clean and hydrated skin, lasting 60 – 90 seconds at a time. Shorter than brushing your teeth (recommended time 120 seconds) and you do that every day.

For more info: Do men need different facial care than women?

Did you know: facial cleansing for men

Men also benefit from facial cleansing as part of their standard skin care routine.

Men's skin and sebum

Men have oilier skin compared to women. This is because men produce 2x as much sebum (sebum) due to testosterone. The excess sebum can make the skin glow, especially on the forehead.

An excess of sebum can lead to acne and troubled skin. The correlation excess sebum and getting acne is not one to one. The composition of sebum, skin acne bacteria (cutibacterium acnes) and excess dead skin cells (follicular hyperkeratinization) play an important role in the development of acne.

Advantage facial cleansing

Cleaning removes excess sebum on the skin, so you have a less shiny skin. If you have oily skin in combination with acne, facial cleansing makes sense.

Closeup Van Man Met Acne

Right product for facial cleansing

An American survey found that, for practical reasons, men used a bar of soap to clean their faces. Not only is that too aggressive for the skin, it can also lead to skin complaints such as redness, flakes and tight skin. This increases the risk of aggravation of skin problems such as eczema and rosacea. Also, 1/3 of the men did NOT wash their face daily.

Mild facial cleanser

Use a mild facial cleanser suitable for the face to remove excess sebum, skin bacteria and skin pollution.

clean face

In addition to impurities, a deeper cleansing of the skin also means removal of overproduction of sebum on the skin. There is no best facial cleansing for everyone, but it is important to look at your own skin to see if it is oily or dry skin. The needs of your skin are also important, do you need a mild or a deep cleanse.

To determine what skin type you have. Do this simple test – look at the different zones in your face:

Oily skin: you notice it in the T-zone. The T-zone (the area of the forehead and nose). The skin will look and feel greasy, which is a sign of increased sebum production. This could possibly lead to pimples.

Dry skin: scaling is in the foreground. The skin feels rough and flaky. It may look itchy, irritated and dull The skin will feel tight.

Normal skin: your skin is well balanced. Not dry or greasy. The T-zone is balanced.

Roadmap facial cleansing for men

A mild cleansing of the skin is meant to remove the impurities on the skin. Every day we are exposed to various factors such as air pollution particles, weather influences, certain occupational activities and sweating. Follow the next 2 steps to cleanse the face.

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Step 1

For the first cleaning is Iconic Elements Cleansingmilk Step 1. It is a gentle and mild cleanser. It cleanses the skin in one simple step. The Cleansing Milk contains a combination of different oils including sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) and almond (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) to remove skin impurities. Aloe vera provides soothing and hydration to the skin.

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Step 2

Cleansinglotion Step 2 is a mild lotion. Provides deeper skin cleansing and corrects the skin’s own acidity. The cucumber, lavender and chamomile extracts provide fresh cooling and less irritation.

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Huid Reiniging Mannen Vrouwen Celansinglotion Step 2

cleanse dry skin in men​

Dry skin tends to faster skin irritations such as itching and flaking. Still, it is important to cleanse dry skin. Although acne is less prominent, fine dust on the skin can cause other problems. Such as pigment spots, exacerbation of skin barrier disruption, eczema, psoriasis and even skin cancer are correlated with particulate matter on the skin.

Advice: use a mild cleanser (Step 1) suitable for the face.

Droge Huid

Cleaning oily skin in men


A shiny oily skin can not only be seen but also felt. Oilier skin caused by excess sebum can lead to acne.

Cleaning the skin removes sebum, unwanted skin bacteria and air pollutants.

Advice: use a mild facial cleanser twice a day. Step 1 cleansing milk and step 2 cleansing lotion are mild cleansing products with the pH value of your skin.

The best facial cleansing products for men

Below our selection of facial cleansing products for men AND care after skin cleansing

  • All products have the ideal pH 5 acidity – for good skin resistance and skin barrier.
  • Vegan, Zero Plastic inside
  • Iconic Elements skincare has been named the Best Holistic skincare line 2022 by EU Business News.

Our male customers about our facial cleansing products

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Frequently asked questions about our facial cleansing products

By cleaning their face 2 x a day with a mild cleanser suitable for the face. Using shampoo, soap or shower gel to clean the face is too aggressive for the skin.

Research among men has shown that cleansing the face twice a day, morning and evening, resulted in significantly fewer pimples and comedones.

For better skin texture, fewer pigment spots and less acne.

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