FDA ban on certain sunscreen filters 2018

Earlier we reported on the harmful effects of chemical sunscreen filters on the environment. Read more about: more than just sunscreen

Chemicals in sunscreen have an impact on coral DNA and the coral bleaching effect is enormous. Australians call the affected coral reef: Reef zombies. Coral, in turn, provides accommodation for 25% of all marine life in the ocean. It is good to imagine the consequences of this.

In 2018, some countries passed laws that even ban certain chemical sunscreen filters, including oxybenzone and oxtinoxate. Besides Virgin Islands Palau (West pacific), Mexico and are also Hawaii and south Florida and Bonaire are prohibited these sunscreen ingredients. The impact on nature is great. In Europe there are no laws about this and the use of these filters is allowed.

Better early than late

Mineral sunscreen filters (Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide) are allowed

Other benefits of a mineral sunscreen:

  • Works immediately after application
  • Photostable, the cream remains stable under the influence of sunlight
  • It is very suitable for people with sensitive skin
  • Non comedogenic, does not clog the sebaceous glands, so the chance of pimples is small.
  • Safe for children and during pregnancy

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