Female baldness caused by sunscreen filters?

The substances can clog hair follicles, with all its consequences

We recently read the report that certain anti-sunscreen filters could promote baldness of the scalp. These are synthetic filters such as oxybenzone, avobenzone, benzophenone. The condition now has a name: Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia.

This is baldness around the head, causing the hairline to recede. Dermatologists are in the dark for the time being and are cautiously pointing to certain cosmetic substances: sun filters.

Possible explanation for baldness:

‘In practice, I also see an increase in frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA), especially in postmenopausal women and to a much lesser extent in men as well. In 8% there is a positive family history, which means that it occurs in the family.

Hair growth increase after stopping use of sunscreens

Baldness Alopecia Sunscreen Filters

“There is now a discussion about the use of cosmetics and sunscreen and the origin of FFA. Based on observational – and research studies – the first publication in 2016, 105 of 205 women had FFA who used sunscreen at least twice a week. In 2019, they also saw a possible relationship between FFA and the use of sunscreen based on a survey study. An Australian study saw hair growth again after discontinuing sunscreen.

Clogging hair follicles

It is not yet clear which cosmetic ingredients are responsible for this. One theory is that sunscreen gets into the upper part of the hair follicle (hair infundibulum).

In combination with reduced sebum production over the years, the exogenous ingredients that enter the hair are not properly removed. The result is inflammation in the hair and then scarring.”


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