Hand eczema and dry skin – how to prevent it!

In this dermatological blog, we’ll delve into the topic of hand eczema and dry skin, exploring effective strategies to prevent and manage these skin conditions for healthier hands. Especially during corona period.

Many questions about dry skin and what you can do about it

Our natural protection is the top layer of skin (epidermis) and there is also a layer of fat between the skin cells. You can compare it to bricks and cement where the skin cells are bricks and the fat layer is the cement. It protects us against skin dehydration and harmful invaders such as fungi and bacteria.

By washing your hands more frequently, disinfecting hand alcohol and other external influences, the thin layer of fat can disappear. As a result, your skin cannot retain moisture properly and you develop dry skin. In a mild form, there is often only flakiness without complaints, but if the skin becomes very dry, itching and eczema develop.

Preventing hand eczema, how do you do it?

1. Use a hypoallergenic soap solution without perfumes
2. Lukewarm water, not too hot or cold
3. After drying, use a greasy cream without perfume. Also apply a moisturizing cream as much as possible in between. A lotion that feels more pleasant contains more water in percentage terms, so that a lotion dries out the skin more.
4. Avoid direct skin contact with irritating substances such as solvents, adhesives, polishes, vinegar, acids, citrus juices, herbs, leeks, and onions.
5. Use a mild disinfectant, one brand can irritate more than the other.

For dry skin – also suitable for hands

conic Elements Natural Moisturizer Creamhas incorporated these three (occlusive, humectant and emollients) elements to better address dry skin.
Suitable for dry, sensitive skin and children.
0% synthetic ingredients, mineral oils, perfume, wool grease (lanolin)

Natural Mousturizer Cream Hand Eczema Body

While you are here

The advice is to wash and/or disinfect your hands well and thoroughly for at least 15 seconds. Another problem can arise, hand eczema by frequent hands. In a mild form, there is often only flakiness without complaints, but if the skin becomes very dry, itching and hand eczema develop. There are different types of hand eczema, even though they look similar. Depending on the stage in which the eczema is located, you will get different types of complaints from hand eczema. Read more about different forms of hand eczema

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