How to apply sunscreen correctly?

How do you properly apply sunscreen and how much?

Physical mineral filters work directly due to the properties of the ingredients. Applying chemical filters work best if you do 20 minutes before going outside. For optimal protection, 2 mg/cm2 of sunscreen is required. For convenience, that is two fingers (index and ring finger) per zone. You can divide your body into 11 zones, so for each zone that is 2 finger amounts. Very important is to repeat every 2 hours.

ICONIC ELEMENTS MINERAL SUNSCREEN SPF30: Before and after application

It is important to spread it well, so that the sun filter is well distributed over the skin and is no longer visible. See the picture below for the difference before lubrication (left) and after lubrication (right). See alsoour video on our facebook page

Hand Thomas Before (Left) And After (Right) Application Iconic Elements Mineral Sunscreen Spf30

In addition to a good sunscreen:

  • Seek shade between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM.
  • Wear a cap or hat in full sun
  • Keep your T-shirt on for extra protection
  • Use sunglasses with UV-resistant lenses.

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