Iconic Elements Skincare: 10 Reasons to Choose Us

There are many care products on the market, but what makes Iconic Elements products different?

10 reasons for Iconic Elements skincare products

1. First broad skincare line in the Netherlands developed by a dermatologist

Dermatologist Dr. Francis Wu has spent years researching the answer to the question of how to treat the skin and keep it ‘healthy’. The combination of the countless medical publications and his practical knowledge as a skin specialist led to a cream that he could recommend to his patients. He then further elaborated these formulas and made them available to the general public. From this, Iconic Elements was born, to manufacture skincare products with dermatology knowlegde. Iconic Elements focuses on three pillars: cleaning, prevention and correction.

2. Recommended by dermatologists and skin therapists

Actively practicing dermatologists and skin therapists support and recommend the Iconic Elements brand. This group of specialists are extremely critical and set high standards. Their shared experiences and knowledge are included in the continuous improvement process of the products.

3. Careful selection of ingredients

The cream consists of ingredients whose effect has been carefully studied and tested. In addition to just adding ingredients, with Iconic Elements skincare products we pay attention to the final composition of the cream. We are aware that ingredients can be absorbed into the body and we take that into account. The combination of tolerance, high quality ingredients and efficacy from a dermatological point of view forms an important basis for our skincare products.

Our products contain 0%: parabens, wool grease (lanolin), silicones, balsam of Peru, mineral oils or synthetic perfume substances.

4. Has Zero Plastic inside logo for all Iconic Elements products

Iconic-Elements has taken into account the (possible) negative effects of microplastics in cosmetics and cosmetic packaging since its foundation. And recently we have a Zero Plastic Inside certificate for all our products. To qualify for this, all products must be zero plastic.

5. Natural ingredients

In the search for the right ingredients, we naturally chose to use natural ingredients in our products. This choice depends on many factors. Natural essential oils and their beneficial effects on the skin have no worthy synthetic counterpart. In addition to the functionality of the ingredients, our company philosophy naturally also plays an important role in the choice of natural substances. The designation ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ on a product refers to the development process of the ingredient. This means that natural cosmetics ingredients are only produced using gentle extraction and processing methods, such as steam distillation and cold pressing.

6. Safety first

Because this cream has been developed from dermatological knowledge and is supported by actively practicing dermatologists, safety is paramount. All ingredients carefully checked whether they are not harmful. The law prescribes which substances are prohibited. In our products we also incorporate the latest dermatological knowledge from practice, with which we anticipate the legal requirements.

The creams do not contain parabens, although opinions about parabens and other harmful chemicals in the literature are quite divided. The perfumes used are skin-friendly fragrances and are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

7. The right acidity of the skin

The pH value of your skin is important to keep it in good condition. When the pH value changes due to showering and soap use, the skin has to work harder to get it back to ideal. A too high pH value increases the risk of wrinkles, disruption of the skin barrier, dryness and infections. Research has shown that the ideal skin pH is 4.7. Usually pH neutral means a value of 7. That is the chemical transition between non-acidic and non-basic. A world of difference from what the skin actually needs.
Thanks to the optimal pH value in Iconic Elements products, the natural balance on the skin is completely restored!

8. High freshness by airless dispenser

In addition to the development of a complex skin cream, packaging of the highest possible quality is at least as important; it protects the composition of the products. Ingredients in skin care products can react with air. After contact with oxygen, the composition of the ingredients changes, as a result of which the effectiveness is lost. This means that the traditional cream jars are unsuitable for many of our skin care products.

One of the advantages of the airless dispenser system is the longer freshness of the cream, because it does not come into contact with oxygen. The cream lasts so much longer and does not lose its effect. In addition, all the last remnants of the cream are pumped up by the disk system and there is no waste! This way you can enjoy our products more and longer.

Our dispensers do not contain: BPA, BADGE, BPAF, BDFGE and BPS.

9. Made in the Netherlands – No big pharma

We work together with a well-known Dutch skin care manufacturer with more than 35 years of experience in the composition of creams. In this way we combine the best of both worlds. Production in the Netherlands also means that our products meet all requirements of European legislation.

10. Used by patients with skin problems

The cream line was developed in response to the numerous questions Dr. Francis Wu received from patients about suitable skin care productsn. Initially, Dr. Francis Wu had formulated a basic cream with the necessary active ingredients and made it available to patients with various skin problems. You could say that it is one of the most challenging target groups. Thanks to the feedback from his patients, his extensive dermatological experience and immunological knowledge from his PhD research, he continued to develop the product in his spare time. Many of these patients are now loyal Iconic Elements users. That’s why we know that our cream works well not only on paper, but also in practice.

Zero Plastic Iconic Elements 10 Reasons

Bonus – named ‘Best Holistic Skincare’ 2022

EU Business News has coined Iconic Elements as the 2022 Best Holistic Skincare Line in the Netherlands.

This is what we stand for:

  • The choice of ingredients
  • Composition to a pH skin neutral product (more on acidity skin)
  • Use of airless dispensers
  • Dispensers include BPA free (more on BPA)
  • Vegan
  • No animal testing
  • Both people with dermatologically problematic skin and people who are critical of skin care products choose Iconic Elements
  • Ingredients are not at the top of dermatological allergy lists

Also convinced? Then take a quick look at the webshop for our range of products.

Picture of Paul Wu

Paul Wu

Paul Wu is co-founder van Iconic Elements. Hij heeft een bedrijfskundige achtergrond en heeft internationaal voor meerdere grote organisaties gewerkt zowel als consultant als op management niveau.
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