Make over for Iconic Elements skincare: A renewed look.

We are excited to announce that Iconic Elements has received an exciting makeover that better reflects our mission and values. We strive to provide you with the highest quality products and services, and we are confident that this new identity will help us serve you even better.

With this refreshing new look, we want to make our mission and values ​​more clear. We are committed to bringing you the very best products, and we are confident that this new identity will help us serve you even better.

Make over – new logo & packaging

With great enthusiasm we have completely redesigned our logo and packaging to represent our brand in an even better way. We are proud of the result and can’t wait to invite you to experience our renewed look and feel. We hope that this new visual identity inspires you and makes you even more enthusiastic about the quality and effectiveness of our products.

Make Over Iconic Elements

Different Look, Same Feel

The new look of Iconic Elements has been given a fresh look and feel. We understand that these changes can sometimes raise questions, especially when it comes to the old and new logo.

We would like to emphasize that regardless of whether you receive products with the old or new logo, the contents of these products are completely identical and of the same high quality. In preparation for the transition to the new packaging, the same products have been divided into both the old and new packaging during production, resulting in this mix.

In preparation for the transition to the new packaging: the same products have been distributed in both the old and new packaging

We understand that this situation can cause some confusion, but we want to assure you that you will continue to receive the same trusted Iconic Elements products, regardless of the logo on the packaging. We made this update to strengthen our brand identity and to make our products even more aligned with our vision.

Our mission remains the same: to provide high-quality skin care products that emphasize and support your natural beauty. We’ve listened to our customers and made these changes to improve the overall experience with Iconic Elements.

New ‘Icons’ – 5 ml

We introduce the little Icons: your trusted creams, now available in convenient 5 ml dispensers. Perfect to take with you on a trip, in your bag, or at work. To celebrate, we want to give you, our loyal customer, the chance to try these great products.

Icon 5 ml !

With every order you place, we are now offering you the opportunity to receive a 5 ml sample of our trusted skin care creams. We have as many as seven different creams available, each designed to meet specific needs of your skin. Whether you are looking for hydration, anti-aging or a radiant glow, we have the perfect cream for you.

Discover Our Icons

Our new skin care products are formulated with care and contain carefully selected ingredients that promote the health of your skin.

  • Anti-Aging cream
  • Calming cream
  • Daycream natural UVA filter
  • Natural Moisturizer cream
  • Nightcream Q10
  • Sensitive cream
  • Spotreducer cream

Make Over Icons Icons

What are we doing in the background

Since 2016, Iconic Elements has not only developed high-quality skin care products, but we are also committed to sharing valuable knowledge about skin. We offer insights that you would normally get during a dermatological consultation, including the latest dermatological knowledge. Our focus is on understanding and supporting all skin types, from healthy to challenging and ethnic skins. We have shared our dermatological knowledge and expertise in over 250 blogs. We are proud to be able to share this knowledge and we remain committed to continuing to provide valuable information.

We want to continue to provide you with high-quality products and knowledge so that you can take optimal care of your skin and keep it healthy. Our product line includes a Cleansing milk, Cleansing lotion, Daycream with natural UVA filter, Anti-Aging cream, Spotreducer, Sensitive cream, Calming cream, Natural Moisturizer cream, Nightcream Q10, Targeted Pigment serum and
Firming Booster serum. Each product is designed to care for, protect and cleanse the skin.

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We are super excited that we can not only share valuable insights and tips about skin care through our blogs, but that we also have the opportunity to further spread our knowledge. We participated in interviews with well-known names such as Algemeen Dagblad and Trosradar, and we were even invited to be a guest editor at Mednet, a well-known platform for medical professionals. All this shows how serious we are about sharing reliable and useful skin care info.

We are really proud that in addition to offering top skincare products, we can also help people with advice and insights that are crucial for healthy skin. Our goal? Giving you the tools and knowledge to better understand your skin. This way you can go through life with confidence and with healthy skin. With us you will not only find the products that pamper your skin, but also all the information you need to take good care of your skin, which is super important for your self-confidence and well-being.

Iconic Elements

Now more than 280 skin related blogs
Make Over

What else do we do?

  • The same attention and care for all our products
  • No price increase on our products
  • Striving for sustainability by sourcing cosmetic ingredients produced in Europe AND collaborating with local entrepreneurs
  • Iconic Elements has been named The Best Holistic Skincare 2022, The Netherlands
  • All Iconic Elements products are Zero Plastic inside
  • Iconic Elements uses, among other things, BPA-free dispensers
  • All Iconic Elements products have pH5, the ideal skin acidity
  • Collaboration with skin specialists has been expanded
  • The same drive to share knowledge and stay up to date
  • We ship orders from €20 within the Netherlands and to Belgium free of charge.


Also important, at Iconic Elements we always want to provide the best skin care experience to our valued customers. We are happy to share that 92 people have reviewed our products and given us a great score of 4.5 out of 5. This positive news encourages us to continue to offer high-quality skincare products that deserve your trust. Thanks to all our loyal customers for your support and contribution to our commitment to effective and safe skin care.

Reviewed by 92 customers

Score 4.5 out of 5
Make Over

Thanks for your support!

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Picture of Dr. Francis Wu

Dr. Francis Wu

Dr. Francis Wu, een vooraanstaande dermatoloog, is de drijvende kracht achter Iconic Elements. Hij heeft sinds 2004 zijn expertise ingezet om een veilige en effectieve huidverzorgingslijn te creëren, geschikt voor zowel gezonde huid als huidproblemen. Iconic Elements, opgericht in 2016, is de eerste brede skincare lijn in Nederland ontwikkeld door een dermatoloog. Als medisch specialist streeft Dr. Wu naar het bevorderen van het welzijn van mensen door hoogwaardige en effectieve huidverzorgingsproducten te bieden. De proefdiervrije en vegan producten vermijden schadelijke chemicaliën en bevatten natuurlijke ingrediënten.
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