Mascne – an underexposed skin condition?

The real term for Mascne is acne mechanica, local outbreak of rash due to local friction, pressure and stretching of the skin. A condition described mainly in athletes (tight clothing, forehead sweatbands, helmets, hockey/wrestlers face and head protection) and work related (back rubbing in truck, bus drivers).

Mascne = Mouth Mask + Acne

Wearing a mouth mask to prevent the coronavirus makes sense, but there is an unexpected additional skin condition: Mascne. Pimples caused by wearing a mouth mask for a long time.

In the literature, acne mechanica can occur anywhere on the body. It is characterized by painful and burning raised areas, pustules and indurated nodules. And micro comedones (blackheads) not visible to the naked eye have been described and it heals without scars.

How does mascne arise?

One of the reasons why we can get Mascne is because the skin causes much more friction than usual through the mouth mask. The chronic friction disrupts your skin barrier, the protective skin oils and fats are absorbed by the mask. In combination with a humid environment as a result of respiration, they provide an environment in which bacteria and yeasts can grow more.

Recent research showed that longer wearing (more than 4 hours a day) of mouth masks and reuse increased the risk.

Newer and even more recent phenomenon related to MASCNE, are pimples in the nose: NOSNE? Inflammation of mucous membranes in the nose, it arises from a combination of blockage of the nasal mucosal gland drainage by mucus or nasal picking, nasal and skin bacteria and favorable warm humidity.

New phenomenon Nosne – pimples in the nose. Technically it falls under mascne

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What can you do about mascne?

Avoid masks made of polyesters or synthetic materials because they breathe badly. Cotton masks are better. If your mask is washable, make sure you have a spare mask so you can wash one mask with perfume-free products and then rinse well. This keeps your mask fresh and clean.

Over the counter anti acne remedies can help with this problem. Think of benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, fruit acids (BHA, beta hydroxy acids). Use these remedies in the evening because during the day some can cause more skin irritations because the mouth mask closes the skin. Another tip from dermatological practice is to apply zinc ointment to the pimples – the drying effect of zinc ointment can make the pimples disappear more quickly.

Use the right moisturizers daily, light-feeling and non-comedogenic skin creams. Skin care with nicotinamide, aloe vera, oat extracts (avena sativa) can be used during the day. Sun protection is advisable with mineral filters, with the combination of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Mineral sun filters cause less skin irritation and this combination has a broad UVA and UVB coverage, you cannot see the white haze under the mask.

Cleanse the skin with a mild cleanser with a pH around 5, which also applies to skin care products. Washing your facial skin frequently > 4 x a day can actually make it worse. Washing your facial skin frequently > 4 x a day can actually make it worse.

Acidity of your skin

Note: there is a difference between pH neutral, which does not change the skin pH at that time, so keeps it neutral. Restoring skin pH, lowers your skin pH.

Skin And Acidity Iconic Elements
Skin And Acidity Iconic Elements

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Coincidentally, Dr. Francis Wu had a brief outbreak of pimples a few weeks ago. Daily at work, he had a mouth mask on for hours at a time. It should certainly not be the case that you stop wearing a mask to avoid mascne. With proper care and routine, you can fix or reduce the problem. Wearing a mouth mask is first-line defense against the coronavirus and protect others. And when others wear mouth masks, they protect you. Stay safe and it is better to prevent than to be cured.

Dermatologist Mascne
Mouth Mask During My Consultation

All Iconic Elements products have a pH of around 5.

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Dreno B, Bettoli V, Perez M, Bouloc A, Ochsendorf F. Cutaneous lesions caused by mechanical injury. Eur J Dermatol. 2015;25(2):114-121.

Mills OH Jr, Kligman A. Acne mechanica. Arch Dermatol. 1975;111(4):481-483.

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Sensitive skin is very common. It is estimated, however, that at least 50% of women and 40% of men perceive their skin as sensitive. It generally manifests itself in the form of redness, stinging or burning sensation, sensitivity and/or itching, especially in areas exposed to various factors.

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