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Traditionally, men take care of their skin quite simply. Skin care men mainly focus on shaving, shower products and hair care. In recent years, partly due to social media, men have been striving for healthier and fresher skin.

The trends in men’s skin care.

  • Beard care
  • Shaving beard
  • Concealers for an even skin tone and dark eye circles
  • Pigment spots
  • Men are also more aware of Clean and Green products, such as microplastic free, sustainable and not too many ingredients.
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Skin care for men in numbers

  • 83% of Generation Z (born between 1997 – 2012) prefer organic and natural skin care products.
  • 8.8% annual global growth of natural products through 2026 (1)
  • Consumer preference for clean and natural care products: 72% (2)

Skin change timeline

  1. In addition to physical aging, your skin will also undergo changes from one decade to the next. Below is a brief summary of the most common skin problems based on your age.
  2. From birth – skin barrier and sun protection
  3. Teens and twentysomethings – acne, acne, acne
  4. Thirtysomethings – fine lines and wrinkles
  5. The forties – eye bags and dark circles
  6. Fifties – pigmentation spots and sun-damaged skin
  7. 60 plus – dry skin and skin cancer
For more info: the science of skin care according to your age

History of skin care for men

The first archaeological evidence of cosmetics was from ancient Egypt about 6,000 years ago. Back then, cosmetics were not just for aesthetics. It was supposed to protect ancient Egyptians from the sun and insects. Makeup was also used to honor gods and goddesses.

Men and the first skin care consisted of:

  • Using Aloe Vera to soften the skin
  • Perfume oils, from flowers and plants such as lavender, roses, peppermint. Wood, resin and animal products such as musk were also used in perfume.
  • Kohl, eye cosmetics. Originally it was used as protection against eye ailments and darkening the eyelids also contributed to protection against the sun’s rays
  • Nail polish, 3000 v. Chr. originated in China. Both men and women colored fingernails to show their social status. The ingredients for nail polish was carmine red made from female cochineal aphids mixed with gelatin and egg white.
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Aloe Vera

Described by the ancient Egyptians as the ‘plant of immortality’, Aloe Vera extract is one of the world’s most important ingredients for treating irritated skin. Famous for its medicinal, antibacterial properties, Aloe Vera extract soothes and calms the skin. Spotify podcast interview with Dr. Francis Wu about Aloe Vera

Vitamin E

A fat-soluble substance found in many foods and supplements. It keeps the skin healthy both by protecting and restoring it and is one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants. Recent studies have also shown that Vitamin E helps to reduce sun damage caused by exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Please note, there is a difference in effect between natural vitamin E and synthetic vitamin E. Natural vitamin E works much better. Look for these natural vitamin E forms: d-alpha tocopherol, d-aplpha tocopheryl acetate, or d-alpha tocophyeryl succinate.

Avoid synthetic vitamin E, which begins with dl-.

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Clay is a 100% natural product. Clays for cosmetic skin care use come in different types.

  • White cosmetic clay (also called kaolin clay) is not as absorbent as other clays, making it more suitable for people with drier or more sensitive skin. This clay is often found as an ingredient in mineral makeup.
  • French green clay gets its name from the fact that were first found in France. Nowadays, it is found in several places in the world. It has a sea green color due to decomposed plant material mixed with iron oxide. The structure of this clay is fine-grained. Many people use French green clay when the skin is troubled. It is mostly used by people with moderate to oily skin.
  • Fuller’s earth clay, also called Multani Mitii, has a very strong oil-absorbing capacity and is therefore recommended for people with very oily skin. This clay also helps to remove impurities.
  • Bentonite clay consists of volcanic sediments that have been weathered for a long time. Sodium bentonite clay is known for its porous properties because it acts like a sponge when mixed with water. This clay is very popular in face masks, foot baths or in bath mixes.
  • Rhassoul clay, is fine, red clay from Morocco that has been used for centuries in natural skin care. While it still absorbs oil from the skin, it is much softer than many other clays and is generally recommended for more sensitive or mature skin types.

Clay masks have several benefits, such as absorbing excess oil on the skin, cleansing the skin and reducing acne.

Dry/normal skin: Rhassoul clay, White Kaolin clay.

Normal/oily skin: French Green Clay, Concrete Clay, Fuller Earth Clay.

Skin care for men

Men are taking better care of their skin and are nowadays more aware of what they put on their skin. A man’s skin has slightly different needs compared to a woman’s. If you want to read more – Click here

Men’s skin has oilier skin than women due to the male hormone testosterone. Because of this, more trouble:

  • Shiny nose and forehead
  • Greater risk of pustules and troubled skin

Advice: mild skin cleanser suitable for the face and/or clay masks

Shaving makes it more likely:

Advice: invest in razors with 1-2 blades, pre-soak the shaving area with water for 2 minutes and use shaving foam, gel or oil. Calm down after shaving with a skin care cream

Pigment spots and sun-damaged skin are common among men. Partly due to outdoor activities and irregular use of sun protection. Pigment spots and actinic keratoses in the face are the first signs of sun-damaged skin and skin cancer is the next stage. More about actinic keratosis

Advice: day cream with UVA filter, in the spring and summer period sunscreen SPF30.

The best-selling skin care products for men

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Frequently asked questions about natural skin care for men

Men's skin:

  • More sebum and is therefore fatter than in women.
  • Greater chance of comedones, pustules due to oilier skin
  • Shaving irritation

Products that cleanse, hydrate and soothe the skin.

Mild skin cleansers for the face, instead of bar soap, shower gel or shampoo.

Products with Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C, E, Serums with hyaluronic acid and oil such as almond oil, Macadamia oil. These oils do not feel heavy on the skin and do not clog pores.

Soothing products for after shaving. For example, Iconic Elements Sensitive Cream, Calming cream, Spotreducer (contains Niacinamide)

Short answer is yes! Follow these 3 minimum basic rules

  • Cleanse your skin twice a day with a mild cleanser. No soap.
  • Protect your skin during the day with a UV sun filter
  • Hydrate and/or soothe your skin
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