Icons, the 5ml dispensers (Anti-Aging & Spotreducer cream)


Discover Iconic Elements with our handy 5 ml icons of the Anti-Aging cream and Spotreducer cream! Perfect to try out our premium creams. Do you have sensitive skin? No problem! Try them safely in the skin fold. Shipping fits in a normal mailbox, so you don’t have to be at home to receive it. Make your skin glow with Iconic Elements!

Maximum 3 icons per order.

Try our high-quality skincare products before committing to the full-size versions. That’s why we’re introducing our 5ml icons of the Anti-aging cream and the Spotreducer cream – the perfect way to try out our creams. Also very handy to take with you to work, on a day out or when traveling!

Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast, have sensitive skin, or are just curious about what Iconic Elements has to offer, these little Icons are your gateway to a world of customized skin care.

Why are our 5 ml icons a smart choice?

  • Safe Test: Do you have very sensitive skin that reacts quickly? Our 5 ml icons allow you to safely try the cream in the skin fold, such as on the inside of your elbow. This way you avoid unwanted surprises! Would you like to know how to take this test – click here
  • Discover and Enjoy: Order our icons and discover which creams suit your skin best. With the content of approximately 5 ml you can try our products several times, enough to experience the benefits.
  • Convenient Shipping: Don’t worry about staying home for delivery. Our shipment fits in a normal mailbox, so you can receive it easily.

Iconic Elements stands for quality, and you notice that in every 5 ml icon. Order today and give your skin the attention it deserves. Make your skin glow with Iconic Elements! Maximum 3 icons per order.

5ml dispensers

Anti-Aging cream, Spotreducer cream

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