Recognize the different forms of hand eczema

The advice is to wash and/or disinfect your hands well and thoroughly for at least 15 seconds to limit the spread of the corona virus.

Another problem can arise, hand eczema by frequent hands. In a mild form, there is often only flakiness without complaints, but if the skin becomes very dry, itching and hand eczema develop.

There are different types of hand eczema, even though they look similar. Depending on the stage in which the eczema is located, you will get different types of complaints from hand eczema.

  • Mild eczema may show bumps and redness, often on the backs of the hands or fingers that itch strongly;
  • In a severe acute form, the skin is often swollen and blisters develop. The eczema is then weeping, because the blisters burst open. When the blisters dry into crusts, the skin flakes (peels) and the redness decreases;
  • With chronic hand eczema, the skin eventually becomes dry and flaky, skin lines can become coarser and the skin can thicken, which can cause painful fissures.

The treatment is determined based on the correct diagnosis and cause of the hand eczema. In all cases it is important to take good care of the hands, read more about hand eczema and care

What the dermatologists look at is the location, color and skin feel determine the eczema form. Depending on the type of eczema, additional research such as allergy testing with patch tests is necessary. If you suffer from eczema > 6 weeks, despite good hand care and optimal treatment, we will quickly proceed to an allergological examination to investigate whether your eczema is caused by a contact allergy.

Eczema different types

Contactallergy: From 4-6 years in patients with known eczema. Patients without eczema often from 20 years of age, usually >50 years. Complaints include burning and itching. What it looks like: fiery redness with scaling, sharp redness boundaries and sometimes swelling on the backs of the hands or between the fingers, but can also occur in several places on the body. Cause: allergy to a certain substance. Sometimes touching food can also cause complaints. Treatment: Only after avoiding allergens will eczema improve. So far poor response to therapy

Atopic eczema: All ages. Mainly itching complaints, accompanied by redness, scaling, scratching effects on the hands. Often localized on the hands, also eczema in several places on the skin (elbow folds, back of the knees, face). Congenital predisposition to eczema. Often also suffer from hay fever and / or asthma. Good response to eczema therapy and allergy tests are useful

Orthoergic eczema/frequent water contact eczema: All ages. Dry, tense itchy skin, sometimes with wounds on the hands. Backs of the hands and sometimes also between the fingers where soap residues accumulate. Cause: Excessive contact with water, irritants such as soaps, degreasing agents, chemicals or due to cold or friction. In addition, insufficient hand care to prevent dehydration due to these irritating factors. After good skin care and limiting water contact with soap, skin will recover.

Hyperkeratotic eczema (tylotic eczema): Often from middle age onward. Accompanied by pain due to fissures, in addition itching. Thickening of the skin with fissures, callus formation, sometimes bleeding with deep fissures and cracks. Dry, hard, strained palms. Can have multiple causes. Occurs in patients known to have asthma-hay fever and congenital eczema. Can also be a sign of contact allergy. Often good response to eczema therapy in the beginning. If it exists longer, a good reason for an allergy test

Bladder eczema (acrovesicular eczema): All ages, often starting in middle age. Small blisters, sometimes coalescing into larger blisters. Often on red skin accompanied by itching and sometimes pain. Sides of the fingers and palms. Sometimes also on the soles of the feet. Left and right side are the same. Can have multiple causes. Occurs in patients known to have asthma-hay fever and congenital eczema. Can also be a sign of contact allergy.
Often good response to eczema therapy in the beginning. If it exists longer, a good reason for an allergy test.

Protein (protein) related contact eczema: Proteins (proteins) such as in latex, potato peel, baker’s flour or other foods can cause itching when touched. There is then an immediate itchy reaction. This is because after contact with these proteins, the substance histamine is immediately released into the skin. Due to the itching complaints, there is a tendency to friction and scratching. This in turn can lead to eczema on the hands. This form of hand eczema is quite rare.

Is hand eczema contagious?

Absolutely not!

In general, hand eczema can be treated well if you treat it quickly and find out the cause. When in doubt, make an appointment with your doctor, allergist or dermatologist

While you are here

Sometimes your skin is irritated and you want to know if it might be from your own care products. One reliable trick is the ROAT test.

What is ROAT? It stands for Repeated open Application Test (ROAT), it is used to investigate whether you have an allergy to a certain (skin care) product. The advantage of the ROAT is that you can easily perform it at home, without having to visit a dermatologist. However, if a skin reaction develops, ALWAYS have it evaluated by your dermatologist. More about ROAT

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