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Articles in progress

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Skin problems


Acne vulgaris is the medical term for pimples. Acne is the best known skin condition.
>> Acne

Perioral dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis is most common in women between the ages of 16 and 45. Read all about perioral dermatitis
>> Perioral dermatitis

Dry skin

Dry skin, many people suffer from it. Read what it is, the cause and solution here.
>> Dry skin


Eczema, commonly known as the "itchy rash". Read all about eczema here.
>> Eczema

Pigment spots

Pigment spots are patches of skin that are darker in color than the normal surrounding skin.
>> Pigment spots


Psoriasis affects two to four percent of the Dutch population. Read here what it is, the cause and mitigation.
>> Psoriasis


Wrinkles, are an inevitable consequence of aging and make us look older....
>> Wrinkles


Rosacea, Latin for "red as a rose," occurs later in life. Read all about rosacea and its care here.
>> Rosacea


During pregnancy, your body undergoes major changes.
>> Skin care during pregnancy

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