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Dry skin, about 29.4% suffer from it, both men and women. Even though you naturally have ‘oily’ skin, you can get dry skin from time to time.

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  • What are the causes of dry skin?
  • What happens in the skin?
  • How can you recognize dry skin?
  • Do I have dry skin or eczema, what’s the difference?
  • How do you care for dry skin?
    • Facial dry skin care
    • Care dry skin around the eyes
  • What should you avoid if you have dry skin?
  • Do supplements still add value?

  • Drinking extra water against dry skin, does it help?
  • The best products to take care of your dry skin?

Droge Huid Iconic Elements

Written by dr. Francis Wu

Published 24 April 2018

Edited 15 December 2022

Dr Francis Wu on dry skin

Dr. Francis Wu briefly explains the complaints, causes and solutions for dry skin

Tips when you have dry skin

Below you will find tips from Dr. Francis Wu when you have dry skin

Tip #1 - if you swim often

Before swimming, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly. This thin layer provides a temporary protective skin layer, so that your skin does not dry out too much.

Tip #2 - drinking extra water, does it help?

A review publication from 2018 concluded that the epidermis is better hydrated by drinking extra water.

So:extra drinking such as water or herbal tea can extra hydrate the epidermis. Drink 2-3 glasses more per day than what you are used to.

Tip 3 - the correct moisturizer

There are many moisturizers on the market and can actually be divided into 3 different categories, each with its own function.

Emollentia (space fillers) Are mainly lipids and oils and fill the space between the keratinocytes in the upper layers of the skin. Compare it to cement between bricks. Emollentia also have a light barrier function to prevent water loss in the skin, leaving a supple, hydrated and softer skin. Well-known examples of this are ceramide, squalene, canola, olive, palm and coconut oil. Our skin’s own ceramide and squalene play an important role in the skin barrier. Advantage it feels light on the skin, does not stick. Apply disadvantage more often

Humectants (water attractants) are substances that attract water, which improves the hydration of the stratum corneum, better cohesion of the keratinocytes and reduction of flaking. Typical humectants are hyaluronic acid, glycerin, sorbitol, urea, honey and alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). Advantage: it does not feel too heavy on the skin, is absorbed well and can be combined with other skin care products (layering). Disadvantage: humectants extract moisture from the skin and not from moisture in the environment.

Occlusives (barrier) Retains the moisture in the skin by physically blocking it. The TEWL is stopped by this. Examples of occlusives are Vaseline, lanolin, silicones, and waxes. 5% Vaseline reduces TEWL by 98% followed by lanolin, mineral oil (paraffin) and silicone which only gives a 20-30% TEWL reduction. Benefit holds moisture well in the skin. Disadvantage, on the skin occlusives can shine, feel heavy and sticky.

Dehydrated Skin, Glycerin Moisturizer-Occlusive-Humectant-Emollient
Different Moisturizers: Occlusive, Humectant, Emollient

Iconic Elements Natural Moisturizer cream, has a triple effect and combines these three categories.

Tip 4 - The best products to care for your dry skin.

Natural Moisturizer Cream has a 3-fold action. The combination of glycerin, ceramide, squalane and an Iconic natural balm ensure that the moisture remains in your skin. This unique composition ensures that the skin remains hydrated without feeling heavy.

Sensitive cream is suitable for people with sensitive skin or a tendency to develop skin irritation. The Sensitive cream is suitable for this group of people to keep the fragile skin optimal.

Calming cream is there for when skin irritation, flakes, red areas are present. It is one phase further, it calms irritated skin, itching, redness.

Dry Skin, Dermatitis

Dry Skin, Creation, Professionals, Smooth Skin, Synthetic Clothing, Vaseline, High-Quality Creams

Tip 5 - water softener

Hard water is known to cause skin problems. These arise because soap residues cannot dissolve properly in hard water. This mixture consisting of soap, calcium and magnesium then remains on your skin. Which can lead to drier skin or a worsening of eczema. A water softener can help make the water softer. A water softener with an ion exchanger converts calcium into sodium (part of table salt), making the water ‘softer’. What is the ideal soft water against dry skin is not known because everyone is different. Click here how hard is your water?

Suffering from dry skin on the face or around the eyes?

Below you will find tips from Dr. Francis Wu if you suffer from drier skin on the face or around the eyes.

Dry skin on the face?

Unlike your torso and limbs, your face is constantly exposed to the elements. Weather, air conditioning, heating air pollution, hormonal and possibly certain medications can affect your facial skin, including dehydration.

Dry skin occurs when the skin barrier in the epidermis is disrupted. Simply put, your skin loses more moisture than what is left behind. So net there is less moisture in the skin. In the beginning you don’t notice anything about it, little flaky. Afterwards, your face feels tight and slightly burning. Right now, your skin is “Sensitive,” without seeing anything abnormal. When the sensitivity continues, it becomes redder, flaky and itchy, which we call eczema.

What can you do about dry skin in face?

If you have dry skin, identifying the cause is the first step. Certain medications such as acne remedy roaccutane, antihistamine against hay fever, water tablets and also cholesterol medications can dry out your skin, but so can environmental factors. Is the air conditioning on and in the winter period the heating is high. Finally, menopause also affects skin hydration.

To address dry skin, repairing your skin barrier is important. Lubricating with a skin care product is a logical step. But there are some factors what is important to know. One product is not the other. There is a big difference between a lotion, cream and an ointment. An ointment contains relatively little water and more oils, compared to a lotion. The oilier the product, the more water is ‘trapped’ in the skin and the better against dry skin. Vaseline is again too thick and sticky for some. So an oily cream or ointment is more appropriate.

An ideal cream contains a mix of ingredients that have some properties. The following explains the three different properties.

Some ingredients such as Vaseline lie on top of the skin and close the skin, we call this an occlusive ingredient. Others attract water (humectant) such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, urea and honey. The third property is an emollient. Emollients are located in the epidermis between the skin cells, examples of which are skin oils, ceramide and squalene.

Learn more about the differences between lotion, cream and ointment here

Does skin acidity (pH) also affect your skin barrier?

The pH of the skin is important to maintain optimal protection of the skin barrier. When the pH of the skin is compromised, this can subsequently cause skin barrier disruption. Which can lead to moisture loss and increased sensitivity or irritation from external factors.”

The pH of the skin is slightly acidic. The ideal skin pH is generally considered to be 5.5, but can range from 4.5-5.5. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. Seven is considered neutral. What you put on your skin and outside influences can change its pH. Soap use is one of the pH disruptors.

According to research, an acidic skin pH (4-4.5) retains the natural bacterial flora on the skin, while an alkaline pH (8-9) disrupts the skin flora. Dry skin has a pH higher than 5.5.

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Do you suffer from dry skin on your face?

Suffering from dry skin on the face and want to do something about it? Then use:

All three ingredients contain properties against dry skin without feeling heavy.

All products are natural, Zero Plastic Inside, pH 5, Vegan and Iconic Elements has been named The Best Holistic Skincare line 2022.

Dry skin around the eyes?

The skin around eyes is thin, the epidermis of your eyelid 0.05 mm. Compared to your palm or sole of the foot, the epidermis is even 30x thinner. This makes the skin more vulnerable to dehydration and certain irritating ingredients such as retinol and fruit acids. The weather can also have an influence, a harsh cold wind can irritate the thin eyelids.

What can you do about dry skin around your eyes?

Make sure that your make-up is properly removed with a mild skin cleanser and apply a nourishing skin care product. A combination of products, also called layering, with, for example, a serum is also possible. First apply a serum, let it soak in and then apply a skin care cream.

Do you suffer from dry skin around your eyes?

Suffering from dry skin around your eyes and want to do something about it? Then use:

All three ingredients contain properties against dry skin without feeling heavy.

All products are natural, Zero Plastic Inside, pH 5, Vegan and Iconic Elements has been named The Best Holistic Skincare line 2022.

Iconic Elements video on dry skin

The best products against dry skin

Below you will find some products that can help you reduce the burden of dry skin.

  • All products have the ideal pH 5 acidity – for good skin resistance and skin barrier.
  • Vegan, Zero Plastic inside
  • Iconic Elements skincare has been named the Best Holistic skincare line 2022 by EU Business News.

What our customers think of our dry skin products

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This cream contains high-quality, safe ingredients. The packaging is very hygienic. The cream works perfectly for my sensitive skin. I think it is a top cream that fits in the higher segment in terms of effect. While the cream is still very affordable
SonjavdLely Wonderful day cream!
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This cream is perfect for my aging skin. It lubricates very well and because of the pump you can easily dose it. Great value for money!
Felicia32 Very happy with this skincare line
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Lubricates very nicely and feels good. Didn't know at first that UVA rays are present year-round. Been looking for a brand without microplastics in ingredients for a while.
Lotus72233Lotus Top product
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I have been using Targeted Pigment Serum for two weeks now. The pigment spots have already decreased by 50 0/0. Had a pigment spot on my nose for five years and is gone now. Skin pores have become less coarse and skin even. Product is great. Would recommend this product to anyone.
NathalieLem very satisfied with Iconic Elements
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I am very happy that my skin reacts well to it and that the products do not contain certain ingredients and that it is environmentally friendly!

Frequently asked questions about dry skin

Vitamin A: stimulates your skin's own collagen, reduces skin pigment and ensures faster skin renewal. An alternative is Bakuchiol, which causes less skin irritation and has a similar effect to vitamin A.

Vitamin B3: reduces pigment spots by inhibiting the release of melanin from pigment cells to skin cells. Stimulates your skin's own resistance, improves skin barrier by stimulating ceramide production.

Vitamin C: reduces pigment spots, stimulates collagen production in the skin

It depends what you want to use it for.

For irritated skin are: aloe vera, avena sativa (wheat extract), Ectoine, panthenol, bisabolol from chamomile.

Pigment spots: Arbutin, niacinamide, vitamin C, resveratrol, kojic acid, retinol, bakuchiol.

Fine lines and wrinkles: Vitamin A, C, B3 (niacinamide), peptide, bakuchiol, Coenzyme Q10

There are several ways to moisturize dry skin.

Group 1: Occlusives, retains moisture in the skin by physically blocking it. Examples include bee or vegetable waxes, cocoa butter, wool fat. Disadvantage: sticky and shiny

Group 2: humectants, draw moisture from the deep layer of skin to your epidermis. Examples: hyaluronic acid, honey, glycerin. Disadvantage: skin feels tight.

Group 3: emollients, fill the space between the keratinocytes in the upper skin layers. Examples are skin oils, ceramide, squalene. Disadvantage: does not hydrate enough.

A mix of these 3 groups is ideal.

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