The creation of Iconic Elements skin care, from a dermatologist

Our customers regularly ask us how a skin care line is created, and the (production) process from start to finish? In addition to content, the production also involves the search for the right ingredients for a product and suitable packaging for a cream. In addition, logistics, such as bringing together designs, printing and packaging, also play an important role. The starting point of our cream is safe, natural with quality mark and the composition must of course have an effect.

Recipe, the very first creation step

Based on these objectives, the search for active ingredients for the Iconic Elements cream line started. This is quite a job, because there are countless natural and synthetic ingredients. In addition to choosing the right ingredients, interactions between the ingredients must also be taken into account. Sometimes they can enhance each other’s effects even more like vitamins C and E, which is beneficial. The concentration of an ingredient is also just as important for proper functioning.

There are countless sources of information describing the effects of substances. It is not always clear what the conclusions are based on. That is why we only consult medical journals and medical databases. Dr. Francis Wu started his research into ingredient compositions in 2011 and various studies are currently underway to gain new insights.

Natural choice

When choosing the right ingredients, we have made the choice to use natural ingredients in our products. We are not so much against synthetics, there are plenty of innovative studies underway to refine synthetic ingredients.

This choice of natural ingredients depends on many factors. Natural essential oils with their beneficial effects on the skin cannot be matched synthetically. Company philosophy is also an important consideration for choosing natural substances. The designation ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ on a product refers to the development process of the ingredient. Natural cosmetics ingredients are only produced using gentle extraction and processing methods, such as steam distillation and cold pressing. To guarantee that all raw materials are actually natural, we have quality marks, which also ensure that our raw materials have been manufactured correctly.

Creation Iconic Elements Skin Care

Test phase en no big pharma

For the production of Iconic Elements cream line, we have entered into a partnership with a manufacturer specializing in the production of natural creams. This has the advantage that the logistics process runs smoothly. The manufacturer maintains close contacts with raw material suppliers and has the know-how to improve the spreadability and scent of a cream.

Together we go through several rounds of cream development, where a number of test samples are first produced. These cream samples are all first tested on ourselves and a test panel of volunteers to see how effective the cream is and whether there are any irritations such as redness, burning or itching. With the feedback obtained, we further refine the smell and spreadability.

Creation, All Creams In A Row

The production process

Our products are manufactured in special boilers. The kettles are heated and various ingredients are continuously stirred until an even cream is formed. It is comparable to making a soup, in which you add the right basic ingredients and main ingredients for the right taste and spices for the smell. By heating it well in combination with even mixing, a beautiful soup is made.

Fortunately, everything is done mechanically here and we don’t have to do anything ourselves. When the cream is ready, the pumps are filled using a special filling machine. These pumps or airless dispensers have been specially selected to prevent the cream content from coming into contact with oxygen. The advantage is that the cream stays ‘fresh’ and effective for longer.

Prepare for use

The pump with product content is ready for use, but not yet ready for sale. There are all kinds of legal conditions that a product must meet in addition to visual properties. For example, packaging must include the INCI names (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient). The INCI names are internationally standardized names for substances that are used in cosmetics. The consumer can determine from the label of a product whether the product is suitable for him or her. This is useful if someone is allergic to certain substances.

To ensure that the texts provide the correct information about the product, we look at this with a whole team with different areas of expertise. If approved, texts and designs are sent to a special printing company. A label is applied to the pumps and neatly placed in a box. Finally, it can be distributed to our webshop and points of sale.

How is Iconic Elements doing?

EU Business News has coined Iconic Elements as the 2022 Best Holistic Skincare Line in the Netherlands. She rated our brand on the brand story, our communication through the blogs and a good dermatological foundation in the products.

In 2021, we achieved Zero Plastic Inside certification. You get this certificate when all products are Zero Plastic inside. According to an earlier report in the AD newspaper, nine of the 10 most commonly sold cosmetics products contain microplastics. These particles can unintentionally end up in the sewer and are not completely filtered out by water treatment plants.

Ultimately, the microbeads end up in rivers, seas and oceans. From small to large sea creatures: they all ingest particles through their food and the amount continues to accumulate. The microbeads from cosmetic products end up on your plate via a detour.

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We Think This Is Important

In 2016 we had won another beauty award for Iconic Elements Spotreducer cream. Received this award based on its unique composition and effectiveness. The combination of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) with Ectoine worked well for people with Asian skin.

And in the meantime, many have collaborations with dermatologists, skin therapeutic practices and beauticians.

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