What you need to know about razor bumps – pseudofolliculitis barbae

Razor bumps, razor bumps in English and dermatologically also called pseudofolliculitis barbae. Pseudofolliculitis barbae is usually caused by shaving. It is seen more often, approximately 60% in dark-skinned men and 5% in white men. In women, razor bumps can sometimes occur in the armpits, pubic area and legs.

What Causes Pseudofolliculitis Barbae?

It is caused by the ends of the beard hairs growing back into the surrounding skin and causing local inflammation. When the end of the ingrown hair reaches the dermis, a sterile inflammation occurs. Your own immune system (macrophages) try to clear up the ingrown hair. Unlike folliculitis, pseudofolliculitis is not caused by bacteria, yeasts or viruses.

How do you recognize it?

In places where you have shaved before you see several red bumps or pustules, locally it can feel burning and / or itch. When this occurs more often, even small scars can occur.

Who does it occur in?

It is a combination of racial differences, hereditary factors, improper shaving technique or razor sharp blades. People with frizzy hair is the most common. The hair of Mongoloids is straight, that of Caucasians straight or wavy while that of Negroids is curly. This curly hair can be a problem. By shaving the beard hair very short, the hair curls into the skin, which can cause an inflammatory reaction.

Avoid this

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae
Do Not Shave Against The Hair

Razors of the ‘lift and cut’ type, where the hair is lifted slightly by the first blade and cut by the second blade slightly below the level of the skin.

Razors with multiple, > 3 blades can irritate the skin more.

Pulling the skin too tightly, going over the same area too often or pushing too hard and shaving against the grain.

All of these factors can cause pseudofolliculitis.

What if you have inflammation?

Going to the doctor for treatment to slow down the inflammation. This can be an antibiotic lotion or a cure and, depending on the severity, can also be combined with a hormone lotion such as topicorte lotion. During the day, protect the skin well against the sun to limit dark spots. A mineral sunscreen SPF30 is advisable, this gives the least skin irritation, has a wide coverage and works immediately after application.

Followed by….

One method to get rid of it is to let the beard grow, but that is not acceptable for everyone. Or switch to a better shaving technique.

Tips for good shaving technique

First of all, don’t shave every day, but shave every one or two days.

Use a professional shaver (trimmer, clipper) that can be adjusted to a safe cutting height. Geadviseerd wordt om een lengte tussen de 0.5 en 1.0 mm te handhaven om teruggroei te voorkómen.

Use a single to a maximum of 2 razor blades.

Preshave, pre-soak the hair for 2 minutes with warm water, possibly with a hot wet towel. The force required to shave hairs decreases dramatically as hydration increases. The most significant shaving force reduction of over 35% occurs after a 2 minute pre-soak with water. After 2 minutes, the cutting power of a beard does not decrease.

Shave your beard using a shaving product (cream, gel or oil). The product mainly provides less skin friction, resulting in much less redness, itching, irritation and inflammation.

Do not tighten or overstretch the skin, shave with the direction of the hair, not against it. Shave 1 stroke per area, do not go over the same area multiple times.

Replace the razor after 6-7 shaves.

And finally after shaving, skin hydration is important. Often people use after shave with alcohol, but that can cause more skin irritation and redness. A moisturizing cream often works better. The recovery of the skin barrier after shaving ensures a calm and smoother skin.

Iconic Elements Calming cream of Spotreducer for hydration and soothing of the skin.

Razor Bumps Pseudofolliculitis Calming Cream Spot Reducer

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